4 Simple Ways To Reduce Jobsite Costs

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4 Simple Ways To Reduce Jobsite Costs

If there’s one constant in the construction industry, it’s that your extra building materials don’t just disappear as soon as you finish with them. The smartest companies plan for their waste disposal with every project because planning ahead means you have quicker projects and overall reduced jobsite costs.

In this article, the experts at Streamline Waste discuss four of the best ways your construction company can maximize these cost savings.

Reduce Jobsite Costs

1. Streamline Your Construction Waste Management

The most effective way to manage your construction waste is to find a partner you trust to help streamline the costs.

Working with a construction waste management company will save you money in the long term and enable you to focus on each project.

If you create an internal task force to manage waste, this task force can implement a plan for removing and preventing construction waste. You should then customize this plan for every job you do. For instance, a jobsite next to a four-lane road will have drastically different waste removal needs than one on a country highway. A good waste management company can help your team navigate these differences.

The best waste management companies, such as Streamline Waste, work with a wide network of collection services to suit these changing needs at prices within your budget.

2. Utilize Modern Software To Stay on Budget

The complexity of any project scales quickly to its size. Managing construction materials and their disposal is no longer a job you can do on a paper list. Thankfully, technology has come to the rescue. Digitizing your plans allows you to manage your budget easily, and budgeting software lets you anticipate your future costs well in advance.

Automating processes such as budgeting and submitting proposals can make a product far simpler than it would be without such tools. It isn’t just about reducing your overhead, either: Using these tools wisely can reduce the potential for human error.

Software can also help ensure clear, consistent communication between your employees. With the press of a button, you can inform your team of policy and procedural changes as often as necessary. You can then close the communication loop by verifying that your team has read your messages.

3. Carefully Manage Tools & Equipment

Asset management is a delicate balance in any industry, especially on a construction site. While you want to use only high-quality, legitimate materials for your work, you also want to reduce jobsite costs wherever possible. Equipment and tool management is one of the best ways to strike this balance.

What equipment do you want to lease or rent, and what do you want to purchase? If you use a tool for every job, it may be worth buying it. However, with items like dumpsters, every jobsite will have unique needs. Renting such expensive equipment can save you money.

When you do choose to buy tools and equipment, make sure to keep track of it. Asset management software can be extremely useful in this regard, so consider implementing it as you scale your operations.

4. Standardize Materials & Minimize Stock

Another set of questions you should be asking pertain to the construction materials you use. Consider how much you have in storage. Do you need that much raw material, or can you reduce costs by downsizing? What items from jobsites can you reuse or repurpose? Hardware, appliances, and wood scraps are easy to salvage, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact.

Likewise, ask whether you need a stockpile of every single item you use. What can you standardize? What can you special-order and receive quickly? Is it truly worth storing and maintaining materials you rarely use? Focus on building a stock of materials that you can use for more than one job.

Tools such as kitting, jobsite boxes, and scheduled deliveries can also help you outsource material management, so you should also consider these options. In all cases, reducing your unnecessary stock is key.

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