A Guide to Managing and Reducing Commercial Waste

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A Guide to Managing and Reducing Commercial Waste

Most people don’t think about how much waste they produce daily, though you must constantly develop creative waste disposal solutions as a commercial business owner.

Commercial Waste ManagementOrganizing trash pickup and recycling services, commercial waste reduction techniques, and sustainable “go green” tactics is overwhelming. Regardless of your business’s size, your building likely produces substantial waste.

At Streamline, we believe commercial waste and recycling shouldn’t be challenging.

We specialize in sourcing high-quality waste equipment rentals and servicing through trusted vendors across the U.S.

Below; we discuss five effective and convenient tactics for managing and reducing commercial waste –

1. Create an Internal Waste Management Team

As a business owner, you’re busy juggling a million tasks at once and likely don’t have the time to sit down and create a waste management plan. We recommend creating a small internal task force within your business to help manage the waste production process. This team should have short- and long-term waste reduction goals and a structured plan for achieving them.

2. Track and Assess Your Waste Production

You must understand your current output to reduce your waste production. By tracking and analyzing your waste, you gain a better understanding of how to best manage your waste production. Your waste management team can weigh or measure the solid waste production in whatever containers, dumpsters, or receptacles your property uses.

Consider the costs and effectiveness of your commercial waste services as well. For example, do you use multiple smaller dumpsters that require hauling or one larger container? We recommend utilizing the most affordable hauling service for your waste while considering potential output reduction areas.

3. Find Ways To Reduce Your Commercial Waste Output

Reducing waste should be a top priority for a business owner. Reduced outputs can cut costs, help the environment, and show that you’re a sustainable business.

You’ve likely heard the three Rs of sustainability, but how can you apply them to your commercial business? Let’s look at them one by one:

  • Reduce: You can easily reduce waste by opting for digital alternatives that remove printer paper from your office.
  • Reuse: Try replacing all disposable items, like paper plates and plastic water cups, with reusable versions.
  • Recycle: Property-wide recycling and composting removes tons of waste from landfills each year.

4. Consider the Benefits of Commercial Recycling

Commercial recycling is a critical waste management tactic that can improve your building’s sustainability and environmental impact.

You can start a recycling or composting program by encouraging your team to correctly dispose of their plastics, papers, etc. Doing so can help you save on disposal costs and energy bills while promoting a more sustainable property. We recommend putting your waste disposal team in charge of the recycling movement as well.

5. Hire an Expert Waste Management Company

Hiring a waste management company is the best way to get the most out of your waste management program. Commercial waste services offer expert reduction and management recommendations based on experience, plus high-quality equipment and services, to ensure the process runs as efficiently as possible.

At Streamline Waste, we offer cutting-edge proprietary waste reduction software to help companies recycle and reduce waste. We work with equipment and service providers across the country so you can access the waste management tools you need, regardless of where your business is. Some of our top solutions include:

  • Front-load dumpsters
  • Self-contained compactors
  • Stationary compactors
  • Commercial recycling services
  • Vertical balers
  • Trash hauling services

Regardless of your business’s needs, we’ll find waste solutions that save you time and money. We can analyze your building’s current waste output to create a customized plan for improvement.

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Company owners must incorporate commercial waste management into their business strategies to meet modern sustainability demands, save money, and streamline efforts.

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