Tips for Successfully Hosting a Large Outdoor Event

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Tips for Successfully Hosting a Large Outdoor Event


Outdoor Event Waste ManagementOutdoor events have become incredibly popular and sometimes even preferred over indoor gatherings — and they can be loads of fun for your guests.

However, planning a successful outdoor event can be challenging. You must plan strategically and follow certain regulations to ensure comfort, safety, and a positive outcome.

Below are a few tips to help you host a large outdoor event successfully –

Choose a Suitable Location in Advance

The first step to any successful outdoor event involves finding the right location. As you review outdoor spaces that might work well, consider whether you want a more natural setting or an already well-established event destination (like amphitheaters and large pavilions). Remember that frequented locations typically require less setup, but you’ll need to make reservations well in advance.

Determining the venue and booking it in advance is a must for any event planner. You’ll want to nail down the location as early as possible so that schedule conflicts won’t keep guests and vendors from participating. As a bonus, some venues might give a discount for early reservations.

As you choose a suitable event location, here are some factors to consider:

  • How much space you’ll need
  • What amenities and utilities are available
  • Where to relocate if it rains
  • The event theme and type

Consider Ordinances & Permits

Like indoor events, large outdoor events must follow local ordinances. Social distancing and masks might not be necessary, but capacity limits and safety codes still apply. You should always check with governing authorities to ensure that your gathering doesn’t violate the rules and regulations.

The last thing you want is to have the event shut down because you didn’t get the proper permits. You’ll want to consult the city council and local police department about the following:

  • Curfews: Some neighborhoods have curfews for outdoor activities. These rules usually are not a problem for daytime events, but you may run into trouble after dark.
  • Noise ordinances: If you’re using a sound system at your outdoor event, you’ll need to know about noise ordinances and adjust the sound level accordingly.
  • Burn permits: Fire safety restrictions vary from venue to venue. You’ll want to get the appropriate permits before lighting anything at your event.

Secure Porta Potty Rentals and Handwashing Stations

As an event organizer/coordinator, it’s your responsibility to focus on the big picture while thinking through all the details. Many events go poorly because of foul weather, low attendance, or technical difficulties. But some go wrong in the sanitation department.

If you’re planning to provide food and drinks, you’ll want to rent porta potties and arrange handwashing stations. It seems like a simple thing, but it can drastically affect your outdoor event’s success. Keeping everyone comfortable and satisfied should be your highest priority.

The number of porta potty rentals and handwashing stations will depend on the size of your event. Placing them in convenient, easy-to-locate areas can also improve guests’ experiences.

You should also consider the type of porta potties best suited for your event. For instance, full-scale restroom trailers provide a more comfortable experience for high-end events.

Ensure Comfort and Accessibility

Here are two words to keep in mind throughout the planning process: comfort and accessibility. The more comfortable the event is, the more likely people will enjoy it and want to come again. If it’s easily accessible, people will be more apt to attend in the first place.

In terms of comfort and accessibility, consider the following aspects of your outdoor get-together:

  • Utilities: Does the location have running water and electricity? Are restrooms or porta potties available? Visualize your guests and keep their needs in mind.
  • Parking: Can everyone find a spot, or will parking be an issue? You may need to reserve a parking lot if you’re planning a large gathering.
  • Handicap Accessibility: Can wheelchair-bound guests make it to the event location with ease? Will stairs or uneven surfaces be problematic for older individuals? You’ll want to host an event that can include everyone!

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