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Benefits for your business and the environment

Recycling can provide numerous benefits for the environment and your company

Commercial Recycling in Los Angeles, CA

Recycling is an essential step in reducing your business’s environmental impact. However, many companies avoid recycling because they believe it will be too difficult or time-consuming.

In reality, commercial recycling can be simple and stress-free when you work with the right company. At Streamline Waste, we specialize in sourcing high-quality commercial recycling services for businesses throughout the U.S. through our trusted vendors. We only work with the best commercial recycling companies in L.A. to ensure that our customers receive reliable, seamless recycling services.

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Commercial Recycling Los Angeles, CA
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Types of Materials Your Business Can Recycle

Many businesses choose not to recycle because they believe they do not have enough recyclable materials to make the process worthwhile. However, you may be surprised to learn of all the materials your business can recycle through a commercial recycling program.

Here are a few types of recyclable materials your business may use each day:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Batteries
  • Cardboard
  • Clothes
  • Electronics
  • Junk mail
  • Newspapers
  • Paper products
  • Paper clips

At Streamline Waste, we can connect you with a single stream recycling business that offers the equipment and services you need to implement an effective recycling program.

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How Commercial Recycling Benefits Your Business

Recycling can provide numerous benefits for the environment and your company. Recycling allows manufacturers to reuse materials rather than source new raw materials, reducing the energy required in manufacturing.

Commercial Recycling Equipment Los Angeles, CA

However, this process can also benefit your company in other ways as well:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

    Recycling can reduce the amount of energy and material waste needed to run your business, lowering your carbon footprint and environmental impact as a whole.

  • Improve your company image

    People generally view companies that take measures to reduce their environmental impacts more favorably than ones that don't. If a potential customer is deciding between your company and a business that does not recycle, recycling could be the factor that tips them in your direction.

  • Reduce your raw material costs

    If your business uses raw materials in manufacturing, recycling these materials can lower your overhead costs.

When you work with a professional recycling company in Los Angeles, you can receive all these benefits while enjoying a stress-free recycling process. Your recycling company can deliver the recycling equipment and haul away your recyclable materials weekly, taking the responsibility off your shoulders.

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