Hand Washing Stations

Keeping hands clean at any event

Prevent the spread of germs and bacteria

Portable Hand Washing Stations

Streamline Waste is the leader in waste management and rental solutions. We provide multiple models of portable hand washing and sanitizing solutions to meet your needs. From concerts and music festivals to markets, construction jobs, outdoor events, and more, our high-quality hand washing stations work for every occasion.

A hand washing station helps prevent communicable illnesses from spreading. Since the pandemic started, there has been a major push to hand wash more often.

Having a quality washing sink available allows guests to stay clean and combat germs. Easily accessible hand washing sinks and sanitizing stations can play a heavy role in preventing spread of disease.

If you’re searching for portable handwashing stations for your next event or jobsite, give Streamline Waste a call today at 619-323-8680.

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Portable Handwashing Stations
Your event or job site needs them
Why Rent Hand Washing Stations?

Handwashing has become essential for every occasion, especially events where many people congregate. More than ever, the world recognizes that stopping the spread of germs and bacteria starts with hand washing. Having accessible hand wash stations at job sites where many people interact prioritizes cleanliness and safety.

A portable sink can meet many health and safety standards. Furthermore, enabling guests at any event to stay safe and clean is a public health priority. You also keep your employees safe by giving them access to a hand wash station.

A portable hand wash station is also reasonably inexpensive and hassle-free. Conversely, building an entire handwashing or bathroom facility from the ground up requires a lot of space, time, and money.

So, why stress when you can rent an affordable, high-quality station for as long as your event requires?

We've Got You Covered

Fast, Affordable, & Convenient Hand Washing Station Rentals

We provide you with hand washing station rentals no matter how long you need them. We can also provide them regardless of the event or number of stations required.

We have multiple options to choose from, including stainless steel materials. Consider your rental needs based on the size and purpose of your event.

Small & Medium Events

Free Standing Hand Washing Stations

Handwashing Station Rental

Free standing portable hand washing stations are great for small to medium sized events and can be set up virtually anywhere.  Each unit has soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers built in.

Additional features of free standing hand washing stations include:

  • 24-gallon fresh water and 24-gallon gray water capacity
  • Foot pump operations
  • Multiple hand soap dispensers
  • Lockable paper towel dispensers
  • Optional lift kit add-on
Medium & Large Events

Multi-Unit Hand Washing Stations

Multi-Unit Hand Washing Station Rental

These stations best suit small to medium-size events but can work for all types. The stations have larger tanks for used water and freshwater. Each unit also has multiple soap dispensers and sinks, and stores up to 1000 paper towels. Setting up is quick and easy.

Extra features of the multi-unit handwashing stations include:

  • Foot pump operation
  • Accommodates complete forearm washing
  • No risky bags or bladders for water storage
  • Multiple hand soap dispensers
  • Lockable paper towel dispenser
  • Optional trash can add-on
Great for Any Event

Stand Alone Hand Sanitizing Stations

Hand Sanitizing Station Rental

Portable hand sanitizing stations are a convenient, low-cost solutions for people to frequently clean their hands.  These stations are easily set up and help reduce the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.

Stand alone hand sanitizing station features:

  • Multiple stations for simultaneous use
  • Tip over resistant design
  • Weather guards protect dispensers
  • Fits inside most standard portable restrooms for storage
Portable Hand Washing Station Benefits

The number of people coming into contact with one another dramatically increases at a big event. People hug, shake hands, and touch the same things such as doors, handles, or money.

Benefits of having portable hand washing stations include:

  • Keeping your event up to code and meeting sanitation requirements.

    It is easy to keep your event or job site up to standards. Provide good health options like portable bathrooms, hand sanitizing, or hand washing stations.

  • Creating a comfortable and trusting relationship with guests.

    People attending your events or occasions want to feel safe and cared for. Allowing them the opportunity to wash their hands and making health a priority reflects positively on you and your business. People will remember your efforts to remain safe and will return for your future events.

  • Sometimes, traditional bathrooms and sinks are not available.

    Not every place you host an event has brick-and-mortar bathrooms. This lack creates a tricky situation for guests and employees alike. Ease any worries by having sufficient portable hand washing stations to keep people safe.

  • They are easy to move and operate.

    Getting as many hand washing stations as you need for your event is no problem. Our stations are convenient, require no special tools, and are ready fast.

So what're you waiting for?

Hand washing Stations You Can Count On

Renting a portable hand washing station is a seamless process with Streamline Waste. Our equipment doesn’t sacrifice quality just because it’s portable. Instead, these handcrafted units provide the cleanest and safest experiences for your guests and employees.

Streamline Waste provides the best rental solutions for the most affordable prices. We give our clients all the hand washing stations and portable restroom equipment they need for their events. Tell us about your event, and we’ll make it happen!

Ready to speak to our team about renting a hand washing station or other portable waste rental options? Give us a call today at 619-323-8680 for your no-obligation quote.