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Porta Potty Rentals

Porta potty rentals provide comfort on the go where facilities are needed. Discretion and convenience are essential when using portable toilets. Our clean restrooms make a helpful addition to any occasion and can be delivered to any location. 

Bringing a public toilet to your job site or occasion is a thoughtful necessity. You exude hospitality and care by accommodating your crowd with a homely service. We want to help you with that gesture. 

We cater our porta potty rentals to crowds of all sizes. We are home to some of the best events and parties globally here in the United States, meaning our portable toilets must meet a higher standard. At Streamline Waste, we bring exceptional porta potty rental services directly to your event or job site.

If you need a portable toilet rental for your job site or your next event, give Streamline Waste a call today at 619-323-8680.

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Porta-Potty Rentals
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We Find You the Porta Potty Rentals You Need at the Best Price

If you’re struggling to find porta potty rentals that meets your needs and price point, we’re here to help. We can work with you and your requirements to find the best portable toilet for your budget. There are options for any monetary figure you have in mind.

Each porta potty has a separate price based on the model. A simpler model like a chemical toilet will be at a more accessible price point, while our luxury restrooms trailers fetch a higher price. We have a substantial range in our fleet to accommodate the type and capacity of your occasion and our portable toilets can be rented once or regularly, depending on your needs.

Additional features can affect your desired price point. The more features requested with a rental unit, the higher the cost. Keep in mind what best serves your crowd when deciding your optimal price.

Don’t forget the portable handwashing stations for your event or job site as well.

Portable Toilet Rental Additions Include

Only you know what will best serve your crowd and your budget. Additions can be customized to fit your ideal portable restroom.

Streamline Waste can help you meet your financial goals without compromising the needs of your group – call us today at 619-323-8680 for your no-obligation quote!

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Types of Porta Potty Rentals to Consider

There are many types of porta potties to consider when planning to rent. In addition, you’ll want to consider the number of people in attendance and the length of the time the event will take place. A good rule of thumb is one public toilet per 50 people.

Most Common

Standard Porta Potty

Chemical Toilet Rental

Standard porta potties are a step between a chemical toilet and a restroom trailer.

These public toilets have the same holding area for waste but offer additional amenities not found in standard chemical toilets.

Extra features that set apart the standard porta potty include:

  • Extra paper supply
  • Hand sanitizing system
  • Coat hook
  • Wall ventilation
  • Seat covers
More Standard Features

WheelChair Accessible

Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toiler

Wheelchair Accessible porta potties are completely ADA compliant and provide ample room for total maneuverability. 

With a ground-level floor and a wide swinging doorway, these portable toilet offer easy entry and exit.

Features that the Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty Rentals offer:

  • ADA Handrails
  • Ideally positioned paper towel dispenser and latch system
  • Patented flat floor system
  • Strong, twin-sheet, non-metal door frame
  • Large, easy to grab handles for aid in movement
Larger Events

Restroom Trailers

Restroom Trailer Rentals

Restroom trailers are the largest units in porta potty rentals, catering to multiple people at once.

Trailers can typically hold two to eight people per unit. This option is more formal in appearance, making it desirable for upscale events.

Restroom trailers can include additional features, such as:

  • Air conditioning & Heating
  • Running water
  • Faucets for hot and cold settings
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Trash bins
Extended Use

Holding Tank

Portable Toilet Holding Tank

If your event will see extended usage of your portable toilets, a holding tank can offer the peace of mind that your guests will enjoy their experience the entire time.

Our holding tanks are designed to prevent contamination due to overflow or failure.

Holding tanks include additional benefits, such as:

  • Interlocking stacking posts
  • Prevent soil contamination due to overflow or failure
  • Direct service port connections
  • Access port for extraction in the event of a failure

Benefits of Renting Porta Potties for Your Job Site or Event

There are many benefits to renting a porta potty for your area. Obtaining a portable toilet gives your guests or employees a discreet way to alleviate themselves.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing a porta potty include the following:

  • Attention to Event

    Whether you’re hosting a party or providing clean restrooms to your employees, the location of facilities is crucial for crowd flow. Our portable toilets can be placed in the perfect location, one that is not too far from the action but still offers privacy. A short detour means your guests and employees can focus on why they’re there in the first place!

  • Keep Your Space Clean

    Portable restrooms alleviate the stress inflicted on in-home bathrooms. Several people using the same bathroom at once spread germs and bacteria. Porta potty rentals can ensure that maintaining a clean restroom in your home or business is easy.

  • Prolong Your Septic System

    Excessive use of private amenities can not only ruin the bowl itself but also compromise the septic system. Replacing a septic system can cost tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of reconstruction. Obtaining a portable toilet will save your septic tank in the long run.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    In dire situations, some might answer nature’s call in nature itself. Human waste is detrimental to particular ecosystems and makes an absolute mess of a scenic landscape. Porta-potties offer a safe alternative to wreaking havoc on mother nature.

  • Emergency Situations

    Poor weather conditions and mechanical failures can leave one without power for an extended period. In that time of uncertainty, our services can offer a clean restroom for you and your family. Large units can be obtained to accommodate extended family and friends.

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Porta potty rentals are an optimal way to provide relief to your event and will keep people coming back for more. Should you want to make a successful event an annual occurrence, or your crew on the job site is coming in for a day of work, your courtesy guarantees their return.

Streamline Waste sources porta potty rentals by finding the kind you need quickly and at the best price available. Our portable toilets offer the highest quality of comfort with the least amount of hassle.

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